How to Copy Videos From YouTube?
  1. To copy a video from YouTube, you need to first play the entire video from beginning to end on the YouTube page... (VERY IMPORTANT!)

  2. Once you finish fully viewing the video you need to find the downloaded file in you Internet Explorer's Temporary Files folder.. (will explain more later...)
  3. Once you find it, drag the file onto your desktop (or Copy and Paste it)
  4. Rename the file to anything you want, and make sure you end it with .FLV

To find the file:

  1. Go to your internet Explorer's top Menu and select "Tools", then select "Internet Options" from the drop-down menu.. (it's the last item on the list...

  2. From the Internet Options dialogue box, click on Settings..





















  1. After you click on Settings, you'll get the above dialogue box called Temporary Internet Files and History Settings....

  2. Now click on the button named View Files as highlighted above... this should open the page where all your recent downloads will appear.... there will be thousands of small files in there... and one of them is the one that's the video you are looking for... you may have to sort by "Last Checked" time and "Size". The file name will start with "get_video?..." and will be very very long... check the size so you know it is a big file and the date and time the file was downloaded onto your PC.

  1. Once you drag the file (or Copy and Paste it) onto your desktop (or anywhere you want on your PC as long as you remember where it is...), it is going to look like this:

  1. Now rename the file to anything you want (reight-click and select RENAME and make sure it ends with: .FLV (that's dot FLV)... so the file will look something like this:

  1. If you already downloaded and installed the FLV player, you should be able to view the file by either double-clicking on it or drag-and-dropping it into the player...

  2. If you have a software program to convert an FLV file into any other video or music format you can now easily convert this file to your favorite format so you can play it in your iTunes or iPod, or Windows Media Player, etc..

  3. Good Luck.

Copyright Dick H. Tchairdjian 2008 - All Rights Reserved.


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